Revealing the Truth of ChatGPT AI Chatbot as a Content Writer

Nowadays, people and businesses are so obsessed with the ChatGPT AI Chatbot. But why has it gained so much popularity? When you ask this question to anyone, they will answer you that it makes work quite easier, the response so quickly, generates content and code in no time, and many more.

But is it enough?

They will not tell you the real and positive measures of ChatGPT. This AI bot will answer questions, summarize documents, write essays, and code software. But deep down, it doesn’t know what is actually true.

In this blog, I will try my best to enlighten the best capabilities of ChatGPT, which will surely help you to use it in an effective way.

As a content writer, when I heard about the ChatGPT, so I personally did R&D on this. Amazingly, I found so many interesting facts, limitations, advantages, and many more related to SEO which I will reveal in this blog.

What is ChatGPT According to a Content Writer?

Firstly, ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It is an artificial intelligence tool that answers users’ complex questions in a conversational manner. With the help of revolutionary technology, ChatGPT is trained to understand what exactly a human mean when they raise a question!

This tool appears to be pretty knowledgeable in areas where there is sufficient training data for it to learn from. On the other hand, it is true that it isn’t omniscient or intelligent enough that will completely replace all human writers. It is also true that it has the capability of being creative, and its responses can sound truly authoritative. 

Since its launch, millions of people have been trying to use ChatGPT. But OpenAI advises being careful. There are many possible pitfalls with ChatGPT, some are easy to spot, and some are hidden.

What Exactly Can You Do with ChatGPT AI Chatbot?

According to my research, there are many crucial things that you will perform with ChatGPT to acquire better outcomes. Below, I have listed some essential ones:

  • Content Creation

Creating engaging content is difficult without a skilled and talented individual. But is ChatGPT help you in generating content? Yes, you can create content, but as per many experienced experts’ advice, they refuse to generate content for websites and web blogs.

In the year 2022, Google declared that any AI content which is produced by a tool is considered spam.

But you can generate content for your social media posts, email pitches, PPC landing pages, and ad copy with the help of ChatGPT. But if you want to generate the content, you can, but you have to be a little careful. Always thoroughly review the generated content because sometimes it provides inaccurate information.

  • Research and Analysis of Keywords

ChatGPT made keyword research and analysis simple. There are some steps you should follow if you want to conduct keyword research. You just need to add a few of your targeted keywords in ChatGPT and ask for more.

Based on what it understands, ChatGPT AI Chatbot will provide you with a list of related keywords. This will help you to determine the relevant keywords.

  • Create Content Marketing Strategy

ChatGPT will help you to develop a content marketing plan for your company. You will not receive a detailed plan, but it will give you a high-level list of tactics for your content related to a specific field.

But you have to consider one thing before creating a strategy. Your competitors also use the same chatbot content strategy, just like you. For example, you developed multiple blogs like the benefits of ChatGPT, What is ChatGPT, and the importance of ChatGPT. 

What ChatGPT AI Chatbot Errors Found by a Content Writer?

When I studied about ChatGPT AI Chatbot content, there were countless contents I received from SEO executives to check whether it was right or not. I have checked and reviewed around 18-20 executives’ AI-generated content from ChatGPT.

If you are an SEO executive, these issues will help you in the future. As we know, ranking is a crucial factor for any SEO expert, so you have to be careful.

They all created content by giving a command according to their content requirement. Below, I am enlightening the issues that I have found:

  • Similar Content

When I received the content from SEO executives, mostly are similar. They have the same niche projects, and when creating content for their projects, they received the same points and similar content. Even the starting of para begins with the same line.

For example, when you search the two different questions related to the same niche project, it will provide you with the same or similar points and content.

Somehow, this will make your content duplicate. It may also affect your ranking. 

  • Unnecessary Heading

Sometimes, creating content for a blog or article will give an unnecessary heading or topic related to your content. This will happen when you command to add the keyword in H1 or H2.

  • Takes Time to Proofread

When you generate content from ChatGPT, it will take time to proofread. Sometimes, it makes it difficult for a writer to review the content because of inaccuracy. You have to add many things just to make the content that fulfills your content requirements.

  • Duplicacy Found

When we generate content from ChatGPT, you need to ensure that the content is plagiarism-free. It does not happen every time, but it happens sometimes. So, always check the content in a duplicacy tool to make your content duplicacy free to acquire the best outcomes!

  • Not Aware of Current Event

As we know, ChatGPT generates content as per their database. So, maybe it’s a disadvantage. It is unfamiliar with the current events, so the database is based on the events before 2021. So, when you want to generate factual content about the latest event, you can’t.

  • Content is Identifiable

AI-generated content can now be easily detected by Google. The technology is trained on the basis of multiple blogs, articles, and website content that rephrases and states the content that is already available to the public.

How You Should Utilize ChatGPT in a Beneficial Way?

Basically, ChatGPT is a tool that helps writers to create unique and engaging content. This content will help you can meet the target audience’s needs perfectly. Using a ChatGPT will help writers to generate ideas and receive guidance on writing to get optimized content for search engines.

As a writer or SEO writer, it can help you to identify relevant keywords and topics to include in the content. This will also help you to create informative and useful content for audiences. This kind of content will also help you achieve a higher ranking on search engines.


In conclusion, I am not writing something. Below, I am sharing the screenshot of ChatGPT AI Chatbot in which I asked the question “Will ChatGPT replace human writers completely?”

Maybe, you all understand the right utilization of ChatGPT tool!


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