Is Paid Verified Program from Twitter or Meta Verified Worth It?

With the entry of Elon Musk taking over Twitter, there have been a lot of shocking changes to the application. One of the most significant changes was the end of the verified program legacy. Users needing a confirmed blue tick should have a subscription to Twitter Blue, now available worldwide.

The latest Twitter version lets users check the blue tick in the application. Suppose you want to check a particular verified account, then all you need to do is click or tap on it to see if it is legit. This article will compare meta-verified and Twitter Blue and analyze which option is better for users. 

Comparison between Meta Verified vs. Twitter Blue

At the point when you pay for memberships for social media applications, users get access to premium features that are not available for free users. There are a few similarities between Meta Verified and Twitter Blue. Let us discuss the verified program characteristics of both to get a better understanding of the difference. 


Meta Verified Features

  • Admittance to human help specialists
  • Selective stickers for Facebook and Instagram applications
  • Confirmation for two accounts, i.e., Facebook and Instagram
  • Active monitoring for both accounts

Twitter Blue Features

  • Longer tweets
  • Editing and fixing tweets
  • Bookmark folders
  • Custom application symbols
  • NFT profile pictures
  • Custom navigation
  • More themes
  • A shortcut to the top articles from your network
  • SMS 2FA
  • Searching themed audio stations, recorded spaces, and podcasts in a single tab

What Is the Pricing of Meta Verified and Twitter Blue?

The monthly subscription cost for Twitter Blue for per month is $8, and if you choose an annual plan, it will cost $84 for the web version. The monthly subscription for Android and iOS users is $11 and $114 yearly.

The membership cost for Meta Verified is more expensive compared to Twitter Blue. There are no annual plans for Meta Verified. The price is $11.99 every month for the web version. For Android and iOS users, the cost is $14.99 per month. The service charges differ, and the membership cost is more.

At this moment, Twitter Blue membership expenses are not refundable. Conversely, the Meta Verified membership plans automatically refund the money if the account is not verifiable after two attempts. Usually, it takes 60 days the completion of the process.

How Does the Verification Process Work?

When you subscribe to Twitter Blue, the confirmation interaction can begin from the Twitter account settings. You should meet all the necessary criteria for your account verification. The conditions are your accounts should be used for more than 30 days, and they should also be 30 days old to complete the verification process.

Users can subscribe to Meta Verified with the settings option for their Instagram or Facebook accounts. Nonetheless, you are only qualified to apply for confirmation, assuming you match the criteria. You should give a government ID to validate your account because the blue tick affirms your identity to other users on Facebook and Instagram. You should likewise be no less than 18 years of age.

The account name and the profile display picture should match the data on your government ID. Your membership will be canceled unless you present your data in under three days. The main disadvantage is that once your profile has been confirmed, you can only change your personal information with a subscription for Meta Verified again.

Meta Verified and Twitter Blue assist its users if they find any difficulty during the verification process. Both of them help with issues related to subscriptions only. Users can also use the live chat feature for common issues.

Which One Is the Best Option for Users?

Even though Twitter Blue is less expensive, many of its features center around personalization instead of greater visibility. Then again, Meta Verified, which recently launched, needs to catch up on the number of features that would further develop it.


Both membership plans have advantages, assuming you need additional assurance from impersonation. Assuming you are a creator, we recommend you subscribe to the social media network that will assist you with developing your popularity and audience.

Meta Verified and Twitter Blue allow these organizations to adapt their services and create income from sources other than digital advertisement.


The verified program system is designed to bring a new transition, defined as a positive change for creators and marketers. Though some disagree, and some even oppose it. Various campaigns have been against Twitter Blue to lessen the reach of accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Those mentioned above are all the details regarding the Meta Verified and Twitter Blue. Depending upon the requirements of each user, selecting only one is quite tricky between them. Considering the price and more features, it is evident that Twitter Blue is the best option.

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